Uebert Angel

- Founder of OIT

Uebert Angel

Uebert Angel is the founder of and the senior lecturer at Osborn Institute Of Theology

As the founder of Osborn, Angel has created an online Theology school for students of all economic backgrounds and advocated for OIT courses to be available to a global audience. He has broadened the Institutes international reach, raised the profile of the accredited courses, embraced sustainability, launched the online learning partnership, and promoted collaboration across academic disciplines and administrative units as he guided the Institution through its creation, accreditation, and launch.


Citizen and resident of the UK, Angel went on to attend Salford University in Greater Manchester. He received two degrees in Finance, achieving student of the year on campus.

He is the author of eight books, including best-seller "Prayer Banks". His most recent book, "Good News", and top sellers "Supernatural Power of the Believer" and "Gods Medicine." 


Angel is a UN peace ambassador and public figure, having close relationships with many heads of state and world leaders. 


Uebert Angel is married to Bebe Angel and they have four children. To find out more about Uebert Angel, visit the Uebert Angel website and follow Uebert Angel on Twitter

Uebert Angel

Our Values

We seek to prepare people for public ministry who are:

  • Holy and faithful ministers, disciplined in the life of prayer, nourished by Word, and growing in their awareness of themselves in relation to God and others.

  • Wise and instinctive theologians, immersed in the riches of the Christian tradition, committed to intellectual rigour, and alert to the demands of public ministry in an ecumenical and multi-faith context.

  • Compassionate and effective pastors, creatively engaged with God’s mission in the world, passionate about the transformation of society, and committed to the flourishing and, renewal of the church.

Core Values
  • Christ-centered, Spirit-led character

  • Bible-based, world-engaged curriculum

  • Intellectual energy interacting with effective praxis

  • Accessible and affordable to all believers

  • Collegial, collaborative, and encouraging environment

  • Model and guide students in development of a mature and balanced biblical worldview

These core values define who we are, what we aspire to be as an institution and the above mentioned values are reinforced in our students through the courses we offer.