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Mode of Study

The programme is delivered through an online learning platform. On starting a module, students will be provided with tutor contact details and will access learning materials through the Virtual Learning Environment where learning materials and student forums are located. Students are supported by a tutor who is a subject specialist as they work through the learning materials and prepare assignments. The online delivery format contains courses delivered through a virtual classroom experience that is flexible, personal and challenging for students.  Our approach offers flexibility and enables our students to combine work with studies.

Most communication with OIT will be by email, or through the Virtual Learning Environment.  Assignments are written and submitted electronically. Therefore students must be computer literate and have access to computer and internet facilities.

Curriculum and Courses

The curriculum design for the Institute is built around the two broad learning stages: (1) the functional roles in ministry and (2) the calling and mission of the Church. Level 1 develops a set of skills critically important for ministers, pastors and the church leadership in planning and exercising their responsibilities within the Church. Building on lessons learnt in Level 1, Level 2 develops detailed investigation into the character and nature of God, Pneumatology, and the in-depth study of the Scriptures. In combination, the program is ideal for anyone who wants to expand both their knowledge of the Bible and their effectiveness in ministry.


Students enrol first for the Certificate and then move on to the Diploma and thereafter the Degree.   Whether you decide to study for the Certificate, Diploma and Degree, each of the Theology programme is complete in itself so you will receive an appropriate award for the number of credits achieved. 

The modules to be completed on the first course are:

1. Spiritual Framework And Analysis

2. Celestial Analysis

3. Pneumatology

4. Creationism

Duration of Study

Both the Certificate and Diploma in Theology have been designed to provide flexible programmes of study. We recognize that some students prefer to work within a given timescale as this provides them with the structure they need to be able to focus on study. We realize that other people need an entirely flexible timescale within which to work on account of the demands of life or personal preference. We offer both kinds of timescale. We ask students to choose the timescale for study which will enable them to achieve their objectives.